David A. Brown

Firearms Safety/Training Specialist

David A. Brown, Firearms Safety/Training Specialist


  • Assisted in Design of Canadian Firearms Safety Course Program
  • Expertise recognized by Department of Justice
  • Trainer for numerous Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Tactical Firearms Editor, Blue Line Magazine (www.blueline.ca)
  • Published author, 60+ feature magazine articles on firearms and training issues

Education & Training

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Justice and Law Enforcement, University of Winnipeg


  • Certified Master Instructor - C.F.S.C.
  • Certified Master Instructor - C.R.F.S.C.
  • Certified Glock Police Transitional Pistol Instructor
  • Factory-trained Glock Police Armourer
  • Master-class shooter in Canadian Police Combat Association Competitions